Why I am reading less and living more

Frequent visitors (?) to this site will notice a discernible decline in the number of books consumed since January 2013, or perhaps earlier. My personal shift has been geographic, I am a sponge, inhaling lectures, concerts, panels, discussions that NYC throws at me. My reading time has been quarantined to VERY long subway rides (otherwise, not worth it), or stints in the library where I’m sheltered from the snow/rain until my next event. So my reading consumption has declined significantly, yet I feel that my brain activity has increased exponentially. Which is better?
While the classics have their merits, my money is on the benefit of the real-time education I’m luxuriously exposed to right now. I’ve toured the Federal Reserve, walked in the footsteps of Melville, ogled the tasteful hoarding of Frick and JP Morgan, been knocked over by the Gutai exhibit at the Guggenheim, gotten lost in the Met, overflowed my ears at the opera and local jazz venues, sampled the various libraries, tasted culinary delights, volunteered on the High Line, brainstormed about creating a school, gone on boozy art walks with a local artist, peeped at the UN, had in-depth chats with incredibly interesting people about everything from art, history, local flavor, how to make it as an artist in NY, etc.
New York, I love you. Your denizens are over-the-top friendly and open to discussion. No one feels their opinion isn’t valid. My vocal chords are benefiting from your training wheels.
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