Among Others

It’s embarrassing how obviously a book can pander to Readers, yet I fell for it, stunned by the narrator’s obsessive devotion to downing several books a week/day. Devoured in an afternoon of sun-dappled reading time, this one went conveyor-belt style into my gullet, I could not stop. I almost wish I were a teenage girl again, so much great reading material abounds! Main character is Mori (Morwenna), recovering from an accident that killed her twin sister Mor, caused by her mother attempting to acquire more witchy powers. Mori runs away from witchy mother, limps towards the sanctuary her unknown father provides from his wealthy country manor (where we find out he is controlled by his three witchy sisters).
Yes, there are many fairies and fantasy elements and geeking out about various scifi books that I haven’t read. But the passion, the gasping for more reading, was familiar to me, especially as Mori (thinks she) conjures up a group of people suitable to befriend, when she’s actually just stumbling onto an existing scifi book club. She is hungry for intellectual conversation, and she finds her people in the town library near her posh boarding school.
Also poignant are the realizations that her old friends are now simply people “she knows,” not friends, since there is no shared experience and they don’t have much in common.
Great pacing through the book, until the very end, perhaps as commentary on the author’s part, that these types of books generally devote a long ramp of build up only to do major end-battles in a few pages. Despite the crazy end-battle, her final entry is a reflection on how life will go on, and last sentence is a book review (“Gate of Ivrel turns out to be really brill”). Do I now dare to venture into her bibliography???
Reco’d by Maggie