Big Machine

Feral cats gnawing away at a discarded body of a junkie before he manages to run away. Igniting plumes of gas underground that are supposed “Angels.” The faux-town of Garland nestled near Oakland and Berkeley, receiving the brunt of the home grown terror attacks. A group of leftover citizens recruited to research at the Library in Vermont, searching for clues of the Voice. A mangled and twisted and meandering story that needed to be put down, in order to absorb the historical bits about the cult upbringing with the Washerwomen, the hotel room torture, the Iowa drug deal gone bad (insert feral cats disposing of the dumped remains in the basement). Actually pretty interesting stuff about the 70s cult of the Washerwomen, the mass murder that takes place as the police attempt to rescue the children.
Sort of a dreary modernistic novel, decent writing, but no phrases to make the heart swoon.
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