How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

I never would have picked up this “self-help” book (it’s not) had it not been urgently pressed on me as a recommendation from a trusted source. The title makes the book something you want to hide under brown paper as you read in public– who could be so gauche as to want to be filthy rich? Oh wait, I live in San Francisco, which is currently awash with twenty-somethings here to make a quick million then skedaddle back to Ohio or New York or wherever they’re from. At any rate, book in hand, I quickly devoured the story couched as a self-help book. Rising from poverty in India, luckily the third child, educated, bicycle courier for DVD business which connects him to “pretty girl”, his first (and only) love, he gets into the bottled water business, marries a woman he doesn’t love, has a son he loves immensely (hinted to be gay, but no overt admission). The story tracks him through old age and ultimately death, following his rise and fall, and always pointing at the self-help story within. Smart book, quickly consumed.
Reco’d by Maggie