How Should a Person Be?: A Novel from Life

Ugh. Despite a few flowing and tight passages, a largely skippable book that should have had more editing. Excellent view into the delicacy of a female/female friendship, but simply too self-congratulatory, twee, gloating. Author is nervous on the eve of marriage, goes through with it, divorces a few years later. Meets her best girl friend towards the end of her marriage, worries about producing a play, enjoys working at the hair salon. Disappoints best girl friend by creatively using the tape-recordings of their conversations as a kickstart to some actual writing, flees town (Toronto) for New York. Ridiculous and dumb slavering over a boy named Israel for whom she perfects her blow job technique. All the wasted white space in this book due to the play-script of certain sections led to its bloated 300+ pages, perhaps tightly edited it could be a wonder of a short story.