A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent

Rarely upon finishing a book do I immediately seek to find if the story continues in a sequel, but this one sent me scurrying to see if she’d yet published the next in the series. A faux-memoir of the great dragon naturalist, Lady Trent, detailing her earliest enthusiasms in dissecting pigeons to learn the purpose of the wishbone, sneaking onto a hunt for a wolf-drake and being slashed by it before shooting it, the grey time between 14-16 years of age when forbidden to even look at a natural history book, in preparation for entering the marriage market. Her father comes up with a list of potential suitors who might allow her access to their libraries, and she meets her husband-to-be in the dragon room of the menagerie. Off they head to distant lands to study the habits of dragons, only to find that this particular batch of dragons is attacking humans, not normal behavior. The mystery unravels and we’re entertained throughout by Isabella’s shunting off the social codes and pushing her way forward into the world of scholars normally men-only.
Very delightful quick reading, well-written and with a forceful and fierce narrator.
Reco’d by Maggie, who continues to funnel high-quality, story-laden books my way.