The Good Girl

The only good thing about this book was the structure of how the plot unfolds, teasing bits of information before and after, from the various characters’ perspective. Borderline romance novel with mediocre writing. Lacked any kind of personality. Like the bit where they’re killing time in the cabin by listing all the crazy things in the city that they’ve seen. Kubica’s list is a limp, wet kleenex: “the homeless pushing shopping carts around. Jesus freaks walking around with crucifixes on their backs. Pigeons.” This is Chicago they’re talking about. The Second City. Pigeons? I cannot think of an author I’ve read recently with such a lack of anything interesting to say. Basic plot is that Mia is kidnapped for ransom to harass her famous judge father, only her kidnapper has second thoughts before turning her over to Delmar, who will surely torture and rape her. (Turns out Mia set the whole thing up to get her father put in prison, the weirdest weakest ending imaginable but not surprising for Kubica.) Mia/Chloe falls in love with her captor Colin/Owen. While she’s missing, Mia’s mom Eve starts losing her shit, and finally realizes that her judge husband was an awful man. Mia comes back with amnesia brought on by the chaos of Colin’s death by shootout (no explanation as to how Mia avoided any of that gunfire), and of COURSE she’s preggers (judge tries to force her into an abortion but she walks out). This is such mawkish maudlin crap I won’t go on.