Some early August and July books

I’m considering a new approach to the blog, summarizing smaller bits, less frequently.
July: The Years by Woolf (still reading, still enjoying, still circling back and re-reading, swirling in my mouth to savor), Gertrude Stein’s writing & lectures (ditto), and the same tired 100 pages of Infinite Jest. I suppose I’ll have to read the whole thing to have the “pleasure” of panning it here. Also some really great articles from Baffler volume 27.
August: Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed (16 writers on decision not to have kids) – sadly found the best essay was from Geoff Dyer, whom I loathe. Not sure why I even wanted to read this one– I don’t need my choices affirmed by anyone. Blackout: Remembering the things I drank to forget by Sarah Hepola. Combined with Shallow, etc, I have a murky picture of someone in a basement apartment in Queens locking themselves into a closet to keep from going out… but I think I’m combining the two books. Semi-decent autobiographical account of addiction and bounce-back. On the graphic novel front, Kate Beaton’s amazing jokes about history and literature in Hark! A Vagrant, including “Dude Watchin’ with the Brontes (Get Me Off Of This Freaking Moor)” and Anne of Sleeves (wherein Anne of Green Gable fantasizes about a dress with sleeves, “Gilbert Blythe How did you get into this lovely daydream, leave at once!” as he moans “Carrots”). Also graphically speaking, Truth is Fragmentary: travelogues and diaries by Gabrielle Bell. I stumbled onto Bell via a Drawn & Quarterly compilation and discovered she’d turned SCUM manifesto into a comic. Her diaries are great depiction of shy artist struggling to promote herself and interact with fans; she’s also a Montaigne fan, trying to read the essays (me too!). Also just finished up Bell’s The Voyeurs – another great graphic autobiographical work, covering a four year period of Gabrielle’s life, 2007-2010, her various long distance relationships and visits to comic cons and other speaking gigs.