Bitch Planet, Vol 1

Girl gangs, caged and enraged! I’m looking forward to the second volume. This one included BPs 1-5, detailing an outer space containment location for non-compliant women, a tough jail with armed guards who beat the prisoners on nearly every page. One of the inmates is chosen to create a team of Megaton players, a game on Earth where teams face off to get a 12 lb. ball filled with sand to the end of the field but who do one-on-one combat along the way. Life on Earth is depicted as grim, everyone watching a mandatory feed, any woman who steps out of line at risk of being tossed to Bitch Planet. The story details how a few of the inmates got sent up, and the obsession with “engagement” of watchers with the feed (not just ratings, which can be faked, but interaction with). Also includes ad pages for the patriarchy, along with a recipe for Bertha’s muffins.