Fates and Furies

I’m glad I gave this one a second chance, my first mood incompatible with the delightful story but picking it up again, I drowned in the pages, reading nearly non-stop. A book splintered between the perspective of a husband and a wife, the story of their marriage told first through his eyes then hers. Bombshells dropped, puppet strings pulled, private investigator hired to inflict revenge for revenge. A Florida boy, Lotto (Lancelot his real name) heir to a water bottling fortune, marries a girl a few weeks after they meet, is disinherited by his mother because of this, but they talk weekly, he still wants his mother to come around and see what a true gem Mathilde is (real name Aurelie). Mathilde is the breadwinner for decades as Lotto flops out as a failed actor, before one night’s brilliant outpouring of words to become a playwright. (Turns out that Mathilde took his first draft and edited/crafted it into something worthwhile while he slept, not remembering what he wrote) Mathilde the French girl shunned by her family after she supposedly tripped her younger brother and he fell down the stairs, dying. She ends up living with a shady uncle until she leaves for college, paid for by being an escort to a man for four years. Just when she’s reaching the end of her contract, she discovers Lotto, and figures out what to do next. Lots of good twists and flips in this one– worth a read.