The Talented Mr. Ripley

I broke my rule of reading a book after I’d already seen the movie, and was reminded of why that rule is in place. Although a delightful book by Patricia Highsmith, Matt Damon’s face kept floating up at me from the pages, ugh. Tom Ripley is corned in NYC by Dickie Greenleaf’s dad, who wants to retrieve Dickie from Italy and bring him home to work in the shipyard. Ripley’s seeking cover from an IRS scam and gratefully accepts a free ticket and spending money to go “fetch” Dickie. When he gets to the tiny village in Italy, he becomes inseparable from Dickie, and moves in. When he starts to feel Dickie’s interest in him fade, he kills him and impersonates him. This is a story of a terribly un-detailed murderer, keeping Dickie’s rings and gallivanting around Europe acting like him. Confusion ensues, but Tom escapes in the end, even getting away with forging Dickie’s will to give him all his money.