Dalí: Les Diners de Gala

This huge gold cookbook from 1971 is getting reissued so I had to take a peek at the copy from the library, and it’s probably the least vegan-friendly cookbook I’ve looked at recently. The book assumes you have a very close relationship with your local butcher, being able to order up calf’s lungs, lamb’s brains, frog legs, eel, snails, quail, calf’s brains & liver, ox foot.

The recipe for Tripe of yesteryear suggests buying 4.5 lbs of ox tripe the day before, plus an ox foot, and involves cooking the ox with vegetables for 8 hours in the oven. If you use wild mushrooms in the Fancy mushroom purée recipe, no need for nutmeg. The recipe for Snail stew give you advice on cooking live snails:

It is always better to let the snails sit for a good week or so, since one can never know what they ate before they were picked. Take off the chalky partition which closes the snails, wash thoroughly in water. Put them in a basin with salt, vinegar, and flour. Let them drool abundantly for 9 hours, stirring from time to time. Wash them thoroughly again to rid them of mucous. Boil water and throw in the snails. Let boil for 8 minutes, then skim.

Tomato pie came as close as it gets to a recipe that can be converted to vegan, but the photo looks less than appetizing. I thought the Avocado toast would be a winner until I spotted lamb brains in the ingredient list. But it’s not as if I got this book for ideas on what to make. Rather, I wanted to check out the bizarro illustrations that Dali included alongside the 1970s retch-inducing photos of the food. I was not disappointed.

Cauliflower with roquefort – lots of butter, cheese, cream & eggs