Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield

Always a fan of Mansfield’s short stories, I plucked this book from the shelves without glancing inside. I would later find myself reading a Franken-book produced by a company called “” (check out their website… no really! It’s pre-web).

It makes you appreciate the actual craft of book design once your eyes are scarred by being force-fed story atop story. Clearly this book has been printed from some enormous text file, no one caring for the white space necessary to demarc the end of one story and beginning of another.

This company chose 35 of Mansfield stories, with little rhyme or reason, and stuffed them tip to toe into this volume. Some I’d already read in the 13 stories about a German pension. Some were cribbed from the awesome Garden Party and other stories. And a handful were new to me, which I suffered through the poorly-designed text to savor her words. Design matters, Digireads.