Avoid Books by P.G. Wodehouse

Also in the Baffler article about good books for dark times came a recommendation by Chris Lehmann to read “anything at all” by P.G. Wodehouse. I hadn’t, so I spent a few minutes marveling at the multiple shelves of books he took up at the main library, then selected a few that looked tolerable. After a handful of pages of both volumes, I’d had my fill—Wodehouse hates women and isn’t ashamed to keep that as an undercurrent to his work. He’s got one woman choking on an insect to explain why she was quiet for a few minutes while the men talked, and the aunt character is a caricature of what an overbearing relative would be. Otherwise, it’s all chaps and brandy and drinks at the club and hijinx and chats with his butler Jeeves. It is jaw-droppingly amazing that people find anything of value in his books and that they are kept in such huge circulation numbers still.