Bruce Conner: It’s All True

I think BC would get a kick out of how unwieldy this book is, the oversize catalog to the massive retrospective that’s on right now at SFMOMA. There’s a lot of great stuff in this book, an entire set of images of what’s on display in case you can’t make it (sadly, only stills from the films). After reading this, I’m left with two thoughts: wow he was prolific, and I’d like to know more about the elusive Jean Conner, wife of many years who helped support him in this odyssey. She’s present throughout the book, quoted from various interviews throughout the years. I think she still lives on in the Glen Park neighborhood, polishing all those brass handles that Bruce put up in his last years to help him get around the house. Time to head back to the museum for another few hours going through the films and rest of the show.