They Were Sisters

I’ve come to the end of my stack of Dorothy Whipple novels for the moment, with a few more winging their way towards me. Perhaps due to overexposure, I wasn’t as enamored with this one. A tale of sisters driven to various conflicting ends: Lucy, the oldest, helped raise Vera (the youngest, most beautiful) and Charlotte, seeing them make disastrous marriages before settling into a very happy one herself with William. Lucy continues to try and save her sisters and then her sisters’ daughters: Sarah and Judith. Charlotte drinks herself into a coma and dies, Judith escapes to Aunt Vera’s house but unfortunately falls in love with Vera’s lover, Terry. Confronted by Vera, Judith flees with Sarah to Lucy’s shelter. The descriptions of the horrors endured by Charlotte and her children at the capricious hands of her husband were vivid–practical jokes, plus killing their dog, whimsical fake heart attacks, etc.