Susan Glaspell is my latest addition to the long and exhausting list of talented women writers who have been completely forgotten. Ruth Holland is the main character, a “fallen” woman who falls in love with a married man (Stuart) whose frigid wife hasn’t loved him for years. She torments herself for a few years then runs off with him to Arizona for his tuberculosis. Her pal, Deane Franklin, stands behind her and against the town’s complete rejection of her. He gets over his love for Ruth, becomes a doctor, marries Amy—a woman who fits right into the town society and gets haughty about his defense of Ruth, who’s back in town caring for her dying father. Eventually Amy leaves Deane because she just can’t handle his disdain for “society” nor understand his relationship with Ruth. Back in Colorado, Ruth & Stuart finally find he’s been divorced (only 11 years after the fact), due to Ruth’s brother Ted stopping by the wronged wife to ask her if she’s had enough fun yet. In the end, Ruth heads off on her own to NYC, discovers on the train that Deane is headed to Europe as a doctor in the war (WWI).