Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Clever, charming, sugarplum of a book by Winifred Watson, another Persephone title devoured in a few hours. A middle aged woman at the end of her luck goes to apply for a governess job and gets swept up into a nightclub singer’s life, helping her get rid of one young man, beat off another, and granting advice that helps her friend reunite with her fiance. Miss Pettigrew is dolled up in dress & fur loaned by Miss LaFosse, and she never gets around to asking about the job until 4 in the morning, after a riotous night out. At this point, she’s already landed her first boyfriend, a wealthy man who manufactures corsets, and maneuvered Miss LaFosse into marrying the right man, Michael, instead of the menacing Nick in whose apartment she’s staying. LaFosse asks her to be her housekeeper in Michael’s large place, and the Cinderella story goes happily ever after.