Sophie Calle: The Address Book

An art project turned into book form— in 1983, Sophie Calle found an address book and made a photocopy of all the pages, then sent it back to its owner with no note. She then reached out to one person a day for the next month, to meet up with them and to get a better understanding of the owner (Pierre D) from their descriptions. Interspersed between recaps of the daily interviews, she includes photographs of the notebook or of the location where she meets people, armchairs she sits in that the owner sat in a few nights prior, snapshots of Pierre that people show her. One of the people sends her a postcard that Pierre sent him. The people she meets with range from barely knowing him to his best friend. His brother declines to meet, although he isn’t told whose address book it is. Interesting layering on of identity based on other people’s perceptions. Definitely want to see more of Sophie Calle’s art.