The Home-Maker

Spectacular book from 1924 about a woman whose talents are concentrated on raising three children and housekeeping for a husband who barely makes enough money. Her tension makes the whole family sick and irritable. Husband gets fired from his job and decides to kill himself for insurance money, but must make it look like an accident. He sets a fire, attempts to put it out and slips off the roof, paralyzes himself instead of killing himself. But it’s enough! The wife goes to his employer, who happens to be on the lookout for a store manager, and she gets hired to work in sales, then works her way up to eventually managing the store. Some bits at the end were prolonged, everyone was nervous that the hubby would be cured and that would mean an end to the paradise that ensued. But the doc lies and says he can’t ever walk again without crutches. We created so much stress and strain with our gender roles for work!