Brook Evans

A mindless piece of fluff from Gaspell; a tale in 3 acts: 1888 when Naomi Kellogg gets knocked up by her boyfriend Joe by the brook, but he dies in a farming accident before their planned marriage in the fall, so Caleb Evans wins the prize of Naomi’s hand in marriage, whisked away to Colorado to have her bastard child; 1907 we meet Brook Evans, the bastard daughter, whose goody-two-shoes ways displease her mother and Naomi finally reveals that Evans isn’t her father, but this cements Brook’s love for him…. despite Naomi’s machinations to get Brook to elope with a boy she loves, Brook leaves with a church woman for a European mission instead; 1928 we meet Brook’s son Evans, Brook is widowed and pursued by the elderly friend of her late husband but ends up finding love and running away with a Norwegian man she just met. Evans sails for America and finds Caleb near dementia and dancing on Joe’s grave (also spitting on it).