Sophie Calle: Did you see me?: M’as Tu Vue?

Eccentric book provides the perfect format for Sophie Calle’s work, snippets from her lifetime. Those who are not familiar with her art can start with this collection, as it dabs you into the major themes and pushes you into the swirl of text and photos. Thin pink paper separates sections, photographs flutter within the pages, some photos/text printed on thicker paper, some printed on the glossy paper you’d expect. Only brief mention is given of the Address Book, my first conscious exposure to Calle’s work (although I think saw her at SFMOMA years ago); in this she finds an address book and begins to sketch a picture of the owner by calling up his friends and meeting them. In The Sleepers, she invites people to come sleep in her bed and be photographed. Because of this, a man in San Francisco years later asks her if he can sleep in his bed to get over a heartbreak; she ships him her bed instead (Josh Greene). Exquisite Pain is also in here, something I’d recently come across, record of a countdown to heartbreak (69 days until heartbreak) when she’s abandoned by her lover who was supposed to show up in India.