True Stories

Another interesting dip into Sophie Calle’s work, this one part of the Hasselblad Award from 2010. She layers her photos with text, or vice versa. I find the words more interesting than the photos, but as she says, everything originated with photos; she was living in a photographer’s house in Northern California and decided to take up photography, returned to Paris to take a class, showed up once and then never to another class after the teacher took them up to the Eiffel Tower to shoot, Calle realizing she didn’t need this type of teaching.

The autobiography she wrote for Victor Hasselblad is just a few sentences but she conveys the complexity of being single and without children, the freedom and absolute delight in not having them. “I sigh, ‘Poor things…’ ” as a couple with child walk by. This is fitting because Victor was able to fund the award she got since he had no heirs.