Off-topic— How I pay the bills, and a new blog about email marketing

To support my reading habit (sometimes categorized as voracious, unstoppable, and insane), I work for various clients doing things like providing email marketing strategy and analysis, executing email campaigns, recommending email service providers (ESPs), building automation flows, yadda yadda yadda. I also do a ton of writing and have found a few clients who pay me to interview people and write their stories, which is amazing and fun and sometimes I can’t believe my luck.

So my head is firmly in writing-land and in email-marketing-land. I never could have predicted this while getting my humanities-laden degrees in English and History, but I’m thankful for being in the right place at the right time.

Being the email nerd that I am—and I’ve been known to rant to a roomful of people about the wonders of email marketing—over the years I’ve always casually tossed examples of emails (good, bad, ugly) to another friend who’s also a nerd. We had an email marketing blog over a decade ago which fizzled out but I’ve now relaunched the effort with a new semi-snarky, super-helpful blog for email marketers.

Take a look if you’re so interested. The goals are fuzzy for now, but attracting potential projects is a good start. Plus I really really really want to write a piece about how ESPs suck at welcome messages, and I didn’t want it to live on this site or on any other domain.