0 To 9: The Complete Magazine, 1967-1969

Bernadette Mayer and Vito Acconci edited this magazine from 1967 to 69, buying their own paper, stencils, and ink and then using the mimeograph machine at Bernadette’s boyfriend’s father’s office from 6pm to 8am to crank out hundreds of copies. This collection digitizes this artifact from the height of the conceptual art period of NYC, with poems, plays, drawings (Sol Lewitt included), interviews. The afterword is from the two guys who decided to republish this in 2004, giddy with their discovery of a few old copies in the NYPL. Vito’s intro note is a strange meandering whine about where has Bernadette gone, she doesn’t use email thus has escaped from the ease of catch-up circles although she did send him an unanswered card last year. Bernadette’s intro is much tighter and more descriptive of the process, the people, the magazine.