Agnes Denes: Sculptures of the Mind, 1976

I discovered Agnes Denes yesterday when images of her 2 acre wheat farm in Lower Manhattan circa 1982 were making the rounds as part of the remembrances of 9/11.

Sculptures of the Mind was published for an exhibition of works by Denes at University of Akron in October 1976 in an edition of 1,000 unsigned and 250 signed copies.

Parts of her artist statement are chilling to read 40+ years later, like “unless human values are reassessed, the quality of life (even life itself) is in danger (population growth, diminishing human resources, environmental crises, dehumanization, mind control and the use of fear)”

Other parts spoke more directly to things I’m interested in:

  • “my basic interests can be defined as time, truth and communication”
  • “my art is a process using contradictions, opposing forces and paradoxes inherent in our existence”