Girl With Curious Hair: Stories

I tried to read this again, only realizing that I’d made the attempt once before when the first story seemed so familiar, the mother-daughter team who work behind the scenes at Jeopardy! and the daughter’s relationship with the woman who’s been a reigning champion for too many weeks to count (Little Expressionless Animals). One detail in that story was eerily similar to something I just learned about Richard Brautigan this week, his mom left him and his sister alone in Great Falls, ID, abandoning them in a hotel room when he was 9 and sister was 4. In this story, the Jeopardy! champion is abandoned by her mother with her brother, left by the side of the road and told not to take their hands of a fence post until she returned, which she never did.

The other story that I admit to enjoying was Luckily the Account Representative Knew CPR, a dreary basement garage life saving attempt by one executive of another. Other than that, his stories are wild flights of fancies that demand you to buckle up and get seasick for the ride through DFW’s dancing mind. I prefer his non-fiction.