My Life as a Work of Art: The Art World from Start to Finish

I bumped into this book while nosing around the 700s at the library and loved it. Co-written by Katya Tylevich (based in LA) and Ben Eastham (based in London), they provide well-written behind-the-scenes analysis of the art world, showcasing work by and interviews with Marina Abramovic (Dream House), Martin Creed (Lights Going On and Off), Camille Henrot (Grosse Fatigue), Barry McGee (The Sound Wall), Erwin Wrum (One Minute Sculptures), and more.

Henrot was invited to do a residency at the Smithsonian. “By exhausting the possibilities offered to her, and by exploring every avenue open to her during her time at the museum, Henrot hoped to buy herself the opportunity to ‘become stupid’ when the research period ended and the creative process began. Then, in the manner of Wordsworth’s dictum that poetry is the ‘spontaneous overflow of personal feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity’, the chaos of information that she had complied would resolve itself into form.”