The Ritz Carltons

The experience of reading a 90-year-old book sometimes is better than the actual words themselves, as is the case with this book of sketches from Fillmore Hyde. A droll, tongue-in-cheek poking fun at the foibles of the ultra wealthy from 1927, this focuses on a family of three, the Ritz Carlton couple and their daughter. Every quick story seems to end with Mrs. Carlton swooning and the doctor being called in to assist. There’s nothing subtle about the jokes here, the rich are pilloried for their “tough” lives of having to decide between vacationing in the Hamptons or Europe or California, the daughter deciding to re-do their private railcar because the gold leaf was in disrepair.

Thanks to ILL, this book traveled with its thick pages and gorgeous cover all the way from the Boston Athenaeum to my hands, complete with check-out cards stamped in 1928.