The Path to Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson

Reading Robert Caro’s latest book, Working, got me juiced up about reading LBJ stuff again, so I started from the beginning with Volume I. Johnson’s early years struggling with his family’s poverty, his sycophantic years just beginning in college sucking up to those in power, chasing after the daughters of rich men, fully energized, launching himself a career in Washington as the secretary for a local Congressman and taking the town by storm. He brings electricity to the Hill Country finally in 1939, for which they will be forever grateful. He greases the wheels and learns the maze of how to get things done, pushing projects that will help him get financial backing from Herman Brown which in turn he provides to other Congressmen in exchange for favors. Not my favorite of his books, but that may be because my interest in LBJ wavered midway through the 700+ pages.