Boggs: A Comedy of Values

I discovered Lawrence Weschler by way of his book on David Hockney and decided to dip in to the rest of his art criticism. Here he documents the playfulness of J. S. G. Boggs, an artist who draws money/currency and fires up conversations about art and money by trying to spend his drawings. When someone agrees to accept his drawing in exchange for a bill (food, drink, other art, etc.) then he documents the resulting receipt and change, gives it a few days and lets collectors know that there’s a new piece in the wild. The collectors then try to purchase the piece, driving up the value from what was exchanged. He got into legal trouble with the Bank of England, also in Australia, and the U.S. Secret Service was none too pleased with his antics either. Weschler goes deep into research mode about how money even came about, plus other artists who have played in this particular sandbox.