Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm

Poetic musings from a farmer who has turned to organic farming as a way to refresh his family’s farm, figuring out a way to save the peaches that brokers don’t want because their shelf life is too short (he finds specialty buyers and also sends some to be made into baby food). Masumoto is a skilled, dreamy writer who brings you into the field and makes you smell the soil, feel the 100 degree heat, wipe the dust from your clothes after a walk through the rows, makes you cringe when the rain arrives too soon or not at all. Originating out of a 1987 article he wrote for the LA Times, the outpouring of support he received was channeled into writing the longer book, and ultimately he became a face of the local food movement. Because his wife had a day job in Fresno, Masumoto was able to keep farming and take the risk of keeping those delicious Sun Crest peaches. As a third-generation Japanese-American, his family story sadly includes the internment camps during WW2. Once released, his family fled to the valley and bought the farm, which remains in his family still.