Casting Off: Volume 4 of Cazalet Chronicles

Dreamy, dramatic life continues, the story picking back up in July 1945. Rupert and Zoe continue to hide their respective wartime loves from each other, until they don’t. Louise goes to NYC with her husband, eats a ton of food, shops for clothing, then decides to leave him and strike out on her own, leaving her son with him as well. Polly, working as an interior decorator, meets someone she falls in love with, a somewhat poor Lord who has a ramshackle estate that she’s going to fix up. Christopher attempts to become a monk. Clary falls in love with her tedious boss, becomes pregnant, has an abortion, goes off the rails and is saved by Archie who banishes her to a cottage to write her novel. Taking 6 weeks leave, Archie spends the time painting at the country house keeping Duchy company (Brig has died, as well as her sister Dolly). At Polly’s wedding, Clary begs Archie for 2 more weeks to finish her book, then confesses that she loves him.