Confusion: Volume 3 of Cazalet Chronicles

The war continues as the book opens in 1942. Louise marries a famous older man she doesn’t love (Michael), has a baby she doesn’t care for, and falls in love with Michael’s cousin Hugo. When she and Hugo confront Michael with their love, he laughs at them and banishes Hugo to a regiment of the Army that’s headed for Germany where he dies. Polly and Clare are both living in London, learning how to type and have jobs as secretaries. Polly expresses her love for Archie who doesn’t reciprocate (he’s unspokenly in love with Clare I suspect). Sybil is dead from cancer. Rachel marches on taking care of everyone but her girlfriend Sid has taken up an admirer of her own. VE Day finds Louise in the hospital getting her tonsils out. And the last paragraph gives us what we’ve known is true—Rupert managed to stay alive during the war and he’s headed home.