All the Birds in the Sky

I loved this book, choosing to forego sleep in order to consume in one blast. Two ends of the spectrum, nature vs machine, battle it out for the future of the planet, fate stemming from the early childhood friendship of Patricia and Laurence. The book begins with Patricia discovering she has the ability to understand what birds are saying, and they lead her to a tree (Parliament) where she discovers that she must be a witch. But then her powers disappear for a handful of years, until she starts hanging out with Laurence, the local geek who builds himself a 2 second time machine wristwatch and who ends up creating artificial intelligence (CH@NG3M3 -> Peregrine). An assassin masquerades as a guidance counselor trying to get Patricia to kill Laurence. Patricia grows up to be a fierce witch, ends up battling the project that Laurence has devoted his life to. In adulthood, they dash all around San Francisco, hitting up spots like the Dovre Club and Ocean Beach/Great Highway.

It was especially fitting to read during these uncertain times. “When the whole world turns chaotic, we must be the better part of chaos,” says Ernesto, the witch who is locked away in the mini mall on Mission and who turns into green vegetation once outside. Patricia also has words of wisdom: “She held on tight to her anger… had no time for grief, blame, or a broken heart, but anger, there was endless time for. Stay angry. Hold on to it. Anger is your tightrope over the abyss.”

I was even entertained by the Acknowledgement page, where Anders says she hopes we enjoyed the book and if anything didn’t make sense she can come over and act the whole thing out, maybe with origami finger puppets.


Reco’d by Maggie