The Unfair Sex: The Expose of the Human Male for Young Women of All Ages

A quaint book from 1953 by (pseudonym for unknown writer), and the first edition copy I had included cutesy illustrations by Roy Doty. The author basically says Listen up ladies, here’s how guys are going to trick you to get into your pants, and here’s how to hold out for marriage. And in the 1950s, things were quite different– men were actually necessary appendages because women wouldn’t enter certain places without an escort, “either by edict of law or social precedent (bars, certain night clubs, burlesque shows, etc.)” There’s one semi-funny chapter in an otherwise outdated publication that simply is too strange to even be amusing 60 years later. Chapter 19: how to take the pleasure out of it for him details how to make men suffer as punishment when you find that you’ve been tricked. “A well-executed retaliation will serve to forestall or counteract the morning-after dejection, for you will wake up with the comforting knowledge that you have made him miserable, too.” So lull him into a false sense of security, then yawn, look at your watch, start to ignore him. “If you can manage it, the ultimate insult is to ridicule him. Laugh disparagingly at anything he does or says. Tell him with amused condescension that he needs a little more experience, or a little more talent, or a little more something–you know not what, but his embraces leave you cold. What more devastating accusation can be made against a man? And even if it is not true, you have planted in his mind the fear that perhaps it is. You have made him believe that in your eyes he looks ridiculous–and he will kick himself many times, which is a very nice substitute for kicking him yourself.” She then goes on to list a few ideas on how to make a man miserable, including my favorite: Give him gifts of things way too big (if he’s a small guy, then laugh and say you never realized he was so little) or way too small (if he’s pudgy).