Notes from the Second Year: Women’s Liberation


Published in 1970 with writings from the previous year, it can be read entirely online. I don’t do well with reading things on a screen, so I opted to request a precious print version via the miraculous LINK+ system that connects me to libraries across multiple states within days. Last Saturday I made my pilgrimage to the library, and was handed a large brown folio, cautioned by the librarian to take care of this fragile object. I found a Xerox’d copy of the publication inside, one copied from a copy from a copy from a copy to the extent that pages were faint. At least this lives on, in the archives of the Occidental College library in LA. Edited by Shulamith Firestone and Anne Koedt, it contains excerpts from Firestone’s soon to be published Dialectic of Sex along with Kate Millet’s competing (and more highly respected by critics) Sexual Politics. The best thing I got out of this read was a sense of glee about the year 1969, so much bubbling up in the air, so much hope, so much work to be done. Ellen Willis had a few great essays, along with Ti-Grace Atkinson and Carol Hanisch. Kathie Sarachild had a great piece, a program for Feminist Consciousness Raising, brought out in outline form and fully warning people in step D about daring to see, or taking off the rose-colored glasses. I sometimes wonder if it’s not better to be less aware, but there’s no turning back once your conscious has been raised. Overall, this is a great resource for original source material about the 2nd wave, but if you’re looking for steamy intellectual feminism, there are better sources.20816_NotesFrom2ndYear